Healing a Broken Heart: 12 Step Recovery for Adult Children


Written in twelve weeks (one Step per week) in 1987, this, the original 12-Step workbook for ACA/ACoA remains as fresh as the day it was written. For sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous who want to "unpeel the onion" of underlying issues and "triggered" behaviors still dogging them in sobriety, this book speaks clearly and directly: Yes, it is possible to become free of even the deep, ingrained trauma that's followed you despite your best efforts! Members of the Humboldt ACA Intergroup and of ACA/ACoA Intergroups worldwide have "become much like other people," capable of full, useful lives, by integrating active imagination tools within AA' original 12-Steps. HEALING A BROKEN HEART shows how to reconnect with the lost, angry Inner Child within, so we can, at our own pace, unravel the confusing mysteries about our motives that baffle us. When we do this, we can and do find untapped healing power through the 12-Steps. Kathleen S. describes herself as a person who was "a primary ACA," although she had extensive training an Ericksonian hypnotherapist and ten years clean and sober in AA/NA Al-Anon before Jack E. (of Westwood, CA)'s "Problem" and "Solution" version of Tony A.'s "Laundry List" came to Northern California. She had independently discovered Inner Child reparenting as a means of breaking free of her tobacco addiction in 1984, and saw that Inner Child work offered a whole-brain approach to doing AA's Step Four Inventory: "This perspective makes it possible to get in touch with buried memories, and once these buried memories become conscious, we can do the rest of the Steps on them! When we are able to do this, we heal and become the whole human beings our Higher Power means us to be."


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