Patchouli Forest Incense Sticks - 15g Package


Patchouli is said to attract prosperity & dispels negativity to promote good dreams. Energetically, Patchouli increases energy & attention in the sensory levels and the outer fields, causing the spiritual self to drop into the physical body. Patchouli also slows down the sense of time perception, allowing one to better work in the realm of magick. This enchanting sweet & earthy scent is a popular ingredient used in spell-casting to draw in money, offer protection, defend against negative energies or evil intent. 

To burn this stick incense, simply place it in an incense holder, or other stable location, and light the end. Blow it out so that it is only smoldering. Either leave it to burn and permeate the room, or carry it with you to cleanse all of the rooms in your house. 


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