Smudge Stick - Mini White Sage with Rose Petals


This smudge stick is approximately 5 inches long (mini) and is made of white sage w/ Rose Petals. This Chakra Bundle is beautiful on its own and would make a lovely spiritual gift - or use it to smudge and clear your space.

Let the divine aroma of the smudging smoke fill your space and feel the dull and stagnant energy leaving your environment. Smudging truly helps us relax in our space, and this Chakra Bundle is a favorite of ours to burn before meditating. Simply light a few leaves of the white sage when you sit down to meditate and let the smoke waft around you. Put the leaves in your smudging bowlabalone shell or incense holder. Finish off by burning some incense after you smudge to bring in even greater clarity for meditation, a divine fragrance and peaceful vibes.


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