Earth Drum Visions DVD


Relax with Nature - Become transported to America's most pristine natural environments, originally shot in state-of-the-art High-Definition by award-winning filmmakers. Experience the breathtaking beauty of America's most superb landscapes such as the sacred desert canyons of the southwest, the Olympic rainforest, the Rocky mountains, fall in New England, the California Redwoods, the north Pacific Coast and more. It features a cinematic surround-sound score by acclaimed "sound explorers" the Gordon Brothers. The music is rich in Tribal drums, Native American flute, Andean panpipes, guitars and keyboard atmospheres. The exquisite images, pure sounds of nature and evocative music have such clarity, you feel as though you are actually there. This multimedia feast for the eyes and ears will relax and inspire you. It's great for active viewing, relaxation, or to enhance the aesthetics of your home or office.


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