A Relapse Prevention Workbook for Women

A Relapse Prevention Workbook for Women




Product Description

A Relapse Prevention Workbook for Women is designed for any woman who has stopped using alcohol or other drugs and would like to remain sober/drug-free. It can be used in any stage of recovery--early, middle, or late. This workbook is intended for self-use and is small enough to keep with you for easy reference. Counselors may use assignments from this workbook as a basis for discussion in group or individual counseling sessions. By working through this material, recovering women will:
1. Learn about facts and ideas for relapse prevention.
2. Develop practical ideas to prepare for the "tough times" in sobriety.
3. Identify high-risk warning signals.
4. Create a relapse prevention plan that meets their own needs.
5. Balance their life-style to minimize the likelihood of relapse.