Seven Deadly Needs


The Seven Deadly Needs is the sequel to Edward Bear's previous work The Dark Night of Recovery. Set in a conversational format, the book is written as a series of tape-recorded sessions between a mentor, Tyler, & his somewhat resistant pupil, Edward Bear. Each session deals with one of what Tyler calls the Seven Deadly Needs: the Need to Know, to Be Right, to Get Even, to Look Good, to Judge, to Keep Score, & to Control. Because these needs are outwardly focused, they force us to act in ways that are not true to ourselves, & often lead to addiction, isolation & unhappiness. This book will guide readers through around this potholes in life's road, & give them the direction toward a better life. In form not unlike the Platonic Dialogues, the seven chapters deal with many everyday issues that confine rather than expand our experience of reality. These obstacles often keep us from an awareness of how rich our lives can be. Through the course of the book, readers will learn how to overcome these deadly needs, how to see the possibilities open to each of us, & how to view each day as a wonderful opportunity for living. Although The Seven Deadly Needs is 12-Step oriented, the principles & practices are universal & the tone is irreverent & charming.


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